Current Work

The Value of Fishing, Farming, and Eating: new approaches to understanding fishing community well-being in a changing world

North Carolina Sea Grant

Fishing for Food: gathering baseline information and observations on recreational fishers who consume their catch in Carteret County, NC.

Duke University Master’s Project, North Carolina Sea Grant

Politics, Power, and Institutions: facilitating knowledge exchange for the conservation of marine resources in the coastal zone of Tanzania

Duke University Office of Global Affairs

Enhancing Production in Coho: Culture, Community, and Catch (EPIC4)

Genome Canada

Integrating genomics, phenotypes and local ecological knowledge towards improving capelin stock management in Canadian Atlantic and Arctic waters

Nunavut Research Institute, Torngat Secretariat, Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada


Integrating Social Science into Park Management, Planning, and Policy-making

Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada

Exploring distinct indigenous knowledge systems to inform governance and management on Canada's coasts

Social Science and Humanities Research Council of Canada


Social Science and Humanities Research Council of Canada