Lab Publications


Religion and perceptions of community-based conservation in Ghana, West Africa. 

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Governance and the making and breaking of social-ecological traps

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Understanding Power in Indigenous Protected Areas: the case of the Tla-o-qui-aht Tribal Parks

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Why Eat Fish?  Factors influencing seafood consumer choices in British Columbia, Canada

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Community Perceptions of the Contributions of Parks to Sustainability

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Concerns and Benefits of Park Adjacent Communities in West Africa

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Measuring What We Value: the utility of mixed methods approaches for incorporating values into marine social-ecological system management

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A quantitative analysis of protected area governance from a community perspective

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Adaptation in a time of stress: a social-ecological perspective on changing fishing strategies in the Canadian snow crab fishery

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Seeing shellfish from the seashore: the importance of values and place in perceptions of aquaculture and marine social-ecological system interactions